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Psalm 1 NIV
Luke 6:46-49 NIV

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If I were to ask you what you trust in life to be that foundational piece that allows you peace and security, what might it be? Would it be your financial security, your occupation, and/or your relationships? Often in life we wander about in our flesh suits looking to the above items and many others that I did not name, in order to secure our happiness. Yet, as we quickly discover, life can and often does bring upon us the unexpected storms that remove those foundations that we thought would hold firm. Today we will discuss the only true foundation that is Jesus and His word, that is alive and active in our sphere of time both now and forever. How are you doing at listening to His voice and following His directives? Why should you and I bother?

Pastor Shawn

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Our guest speaker will be Pat Loeswick, who will tell us about the "THE KISSING SAILOR" and - - -

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