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Title of this weeks Sermon:
"Why the Holy Spirit?" (Part 2)"

Presented by: Rev Matthew Haberman

Scriptures (Click to Read):
Colossians 1:9-14 NIV

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Dear Knox Family,
We need reminders all the time. A couple of weeks ago, we were reminded in the Gospel of John of our connectedness to Christ, even as vines are to branches. This week, I would like to add to that reminder the message of Christ through Paul to the Colossians. This letter was written to a mostly Gentile audience, who, before the planting of the seeds of the Gospel, were as Greek in culture and as Roman in context as any place during this time. In this context, Paul reminds them of the earth shattering truth that has been shared with them, and which is now being threatened - namely, that Jesus is Lord over all, and that He has brought them out of their old kingdom into a new, heavenly one. I believe this reminder is helpful for us, as we ourselves strain forward and go deeper into the Kingdom. Satan never lets go of ground easily, and he will often double back to try to steal, kill and destroy ground that has been won for the Kingdom of God. This is the struggle we find ourselves in. May the Lord find us faithful, and may today's message encourage our hearts in His victory, which He so generously shares with us.

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Our guest speaker will be Pat Loeswick, who will tell us about the "THE KISSING SAILOR" and - - -

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